No player may play quarterback for a Bantamweight team and a Heavyweight team within the same season, even as a backup or substitute. However, once per team per season, and only in the event of a season-ending injury to the starting quarterback, one player per team may switch their designation of ‘heavyweight only quarterback’ or ‘bantamweight only quarterback’ to start in place for that injured starting quarterback for the remainder of that season. Once a designation has been changed, it cannot be reversed again during that season.  The new designation is that quarterback’s final designation for that season. In addition, the quarterback that has changed designation must start two full games at quarterback for the team he or she is now quarterbacking for in order to be eligible to start a playoff game for that team, provided there are 2 or more games remaining in the regular season. A QB can only play the quarterback position for one team (Bantam or Heavy) in the playoffs and therefore, is no longer eligible to change their QB designation after your team's final regular season game has concluded. The exception to the QB rule is only in the event of a season-ending injury and does not cover the occasional game absence or tardiness. The rule does not restrict female QBs in any way. All Sunday Elite teams should declare their starting and backup QBs before the start of the season by simply emailing the league office @ info@bmflfootball.com

*The rule has been clarified to ensure the difference from Heavyweight to Bantamweight. A team is always free to use a QB who is not currently playing QB on a Sunday Elite team.