With Gameday nearly upon us, we hope you're as excited as we are! Every week our resident matchup experts preview each game for the weekend. They makes predictions based on a complex set of data statistical analysis reproduction algorithm tide models. But don't get upset if they doesn't pick your team to win. Use it as motivation to go out and prove them wrong. Now folks, I give you King Ding, Prince Tatas, Baby Gronk, and Dirty D!

(*Please note: These fuckers are real. They exist in the recesses of a child's mind eating a cheeseburger at Denny's on a Thursday night in mid December, while juggling nuts, thank you and goodnight.) 



9:00 AM Firefighters Field - Cobra Kai (4-2) vs. Furious Ballz (3-2-1)

Scouting Report: Cobra Kai went from a team that seemed competitive, yet couldn’t manage to play to that level consistently, to a 4-2 record and a legit chance at knocking off an undefeated team. However, in order to do so, they’ll have to perform like they did just last weekend in one of their most impressive victories to date. Furious Ballz, on the other hand, is fresh off a huge win, outscoring their opponents by 46 points. They are coming into the playoffs hot, and Cobra Kai’s defense, which is giving up 25 ppg, will need to put together an impressive performance to cool off their opponents. This has the potential to be a game that goes back and forth until the last moment. 

Players to Watch: Everyone! 

9:00 AM Firefighters FIeld - Cash Me Ousside (5-1) vs. Deez Dragonz (2-3-1)

Scouting Report: Cash Me Ousside finally fell a week ago, when it lost to Ballz of Fury. This team will get the chance to repay Ballz of Fury the favor, though, in the second round if they can get past Deez Dragonz, a team that barely made it into the playoffs. However, CMO is in the middle of the playoffs pack when it comes to putting up points, whereas Deez Dragons boats one of the league’s better defenses. CMO will need to bring the big guns on Sunday if it wants a chance at revenge; meanwhile, if Deez’s defense stays the course, mark this game as a serious potential upset. 

Players to Watch: Everyone! 

11:00 AM Firefights Field - Bantam Phantoms (3-3) vs. Los Gringos Locos (3-3)

Scouting Report: Los Gringos Locos did it again. They started the season 0-3, and won out to secure their spot in the playoffs. Yet another impressive finish to the season by this squad, but will they be able to keep that streak alive in the postseason? Or will the Week 7 bye have slowed them down? Meanwhile, Bantam Phantoms is fresh off a win that gave them their playoffs berth. However, when you look at stats, there’s no telling which way this one will go. On one hand, LGL gives up more points than it scores, while Bantam Phantoms is averaging scoring just one more point per game than they’re allowing. Bantam Phantoms have the edge, the playoffs experience, and the stats in their favor in this matchup. 

Players to Watch: Everyone! 

11:00 AM Firefighters Field - It’s A Wrap (5-1) vs. Spidermonkeys (2-4)

Scouting Report: This season has been a difficult one for Spidermonkeys. They haven’t fielded the same team all season, and while they have a losing record, you know they have the elite talent to be great. However, we’re still waiting to see it this season. On the other hand, It’s A Wrap is on a roll, dropping over an average 34 ppg on their opponents. Looking at numbers, the odds greatly favor It’s A Wrap’s electric offense led by a seasoned QB and a reliable core of receivers who can score on just about anybody. Spidermonkeys will be given one last chance though to prove they belong in the playoffs, and they’ll have to bring their A-game if they want to stop It’s A Wrap.  

Players to Watch: Everyone! 

Upsets: Furious Ballz 
Most Impressive Performance: It’s A Wrap’s wide receivers  
Legends Division Winner: No Flexing in My Endzone 
Heroes Division Winner: Ballz of Fury

Bantam Championship will be on 11/19, time TBA.



Playoffs and Championship 11/19!