Tony Knight is enjoying his finest season as a BMFL player. An all but certain lock to make his 4th BMFL All-Star team this season, he is not only making an impact on offense and defense for his teams, The Knight Rider is morphing into a bonafide star this season. His play really caught my eye as I was watching the game film this week so I decided it was time to get to know Tony Knight Rider and what really makes his engine rev.


(BM) What do you do for work during the week? (TK) I’m an accountant at a fashion media company called Starworks.


(BM) Who do you root for on fall Sundays? (TK) Jets all day even though I shouldn’t after this past season.


(BM) What song gets you hyped on game day? (TK) No specific song. Any type of trap rap usually gets me in the zone.


(BM) What significance does your jersey # have? (TK) Nothing really. I really wanted #3 but my teammates took the number before me (Ang & Chap).

(BM) What are you passionate about outside of football? (TK) Bowling. It’s so much fun. Especially after a couple of drinks.


(BM) Which pro-athlete inspires you? (TK) Sean Taylor. Great player in such a short time.

(BM) What are your goals for this winter season? (TK) Personally- having the most picks. But I’m in it to help my team win it all.

10 Random Questions with "Tony Knight" 


1.) Fave movie theater snack? Sour patch kids

2.) Fave WWF villain? Kane. He was a silent killer


3.) Paul Blart: Mall Cop 1 or 2? #2 just because of the fight scene with the bird

4.) Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle? Chappelle, of course


5.) Who’s scarier- Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees? Freddy because he will ruin a good night’s sleep


6.) What circus animal would you be? A mother fuckin’ bear


7.) Who wins a fight between Ip Man and Muhammad Ali? Ip Man. Once he connects with that combo, it’s over


8.) Who wins a fight between Kim Kardashian’s butt and Nicki Minaj’s hind parts? Me! This sounds like a good money-maker


9.) Would you rather be attacked by a Carebear or trapped in an episode of Dora the Explorer? Carebear. Dora and that map be trippin’

10.) Best burger in NYC? Any one with bacon