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Field 1 8:00 PM Hurricane SZN vs Wolfpack

Scouting Report: Both teams are new to FNL but they have a load of talent on both sides. What is going to separate these two teams is chemistry. Who can develop the connection with their QB the fastest and who can communicate the best on defense to force turnovers? This game will be for bragging rights as to which team belongs in the top tier of FNL.

Players to Watch: SZN- WR #21 Chelsey Horan, QB/WR #12 Ned “Albino Lighting” Marks; WP- QB/WR #80 Anthony “Big Boy” Velazquez, WR #0 Emilio Veras

Field 2 8:00 PM Beeznutz vs Pink Panthers
Scouting Report: Two returning squads with amazing talent. FNL fans can’t wait to see how this game will unfold. We all can expect aggressive playing on both sides of the ball. Since it’s week one, both teams want to set the tone for all other FNL teams. Which squad will be a dominate force this season?

Players to Watch: BNZ- WR #51 Jessica Shih “Can Catch”, WR #1 Omair “Freaky” Siddiqui; PP- WR #18 Travis “Downtown” Doyle, WR #24 Michelle “Pick Yo’ Pockets” Pelan

Field 3 8:00 PM Marvelous vs Decepticons

Scouting Report: Marvelous is a returning team but they are changing things up with new players and quarterback. Decepticons, formerly known as Off Constantly, have also made some changes, starting with a new team name and adding new players into the mix. Question becomes -- are these changes for the better? Which team will come out victorious and feel confident about the changes.

Players to Watch: MARV- WR# 17 Aisling “Shling” Smith, QB #10 Matt “The Aussie” Foster; DCT- WR #1 Andre Milton; WR #3 Sara Childs

Field 1 9:00 PM The Brady Bunch vs Earth, Wind, and Fitzpatrick

Scouting Report: The Brady Bunch are newbies to FNL and with any team in their position, they need to prove themselves in this league. As for Earth, Wind, Fitzpatrick, they are mixture of veterans and rookies which allows them a slight advantage in this game. Both teams are coming into week one with something to prove and establish a name for themselves in FNL. Who will come out triumphant?

Players to Watch: BB-WR #4 Shanice Soto, WR #0 Jeremy Rodriguez; EWF- WR #10 Joseph Reed, WR #11 Nicole Lopez

Field 2 9:00 PM Team Entourage vs Playmakers

Scouting Report: These two teams are no strangers to FNL. Last season they both earned a spot in playoffs but were knocked off before they could reach the championship game. Both teams are seeking another opportunity to make playoffs and partake in the championship game. This game will keep you guessing as to who will take the W. Anyone care to wager?

Players to Watch: TE- WR#23 Arielle Shinder, WR/PR #4 Lee “Hate Me” Karchawer; PM- QB #5 Patrick Jaraique, WR #6 Melanie “Fun-Sized” Rubia

Field 3 9:00 PM A Team Has No Name vs Tune Squad

Scouting Report: *GAME OF THE WEEK* Technically these two teams are new to FNL but none of the players are new. Both squads are filled with stars on both sides of the ball. Expect nothing but great football being executed. This game will be a whirlwind of excitement.

Players to Watch: NAME- WR #1 Julez “Aye Aye” Ahye, WR #18 Matt Sprout; TS- WR #33 Larry Caputo, WR# 0 Rachel Watkins

Field 4 9:00 PM Wolfpack vs Marvelous

Scouting Report: It’s no secret that these two teams are solid, experienced squads, with no shortage of weapons. Expect this match-up to be a fun-to-watch, back-and-forth, nail-biter the whole way. The winner of this one will surely come down to who makes a big play late in the game, and which team has the ball last with the opportunity to control the outcome. 

Players to Watch: WP- WR #24 Jay Martin, WR Cathy Hagan; MARV- WR #9 Tony Knight, WR #23 Jennifer “Golden” Kraham