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Octagon Field 1 12:00 PM: MARVELOUS VS The U

Scouting Report: Marvelous is currently sporting a new roster that has multiple former MVPs. This will be a great advantage for MARV but will also place a huge target on their backs. The U's roster has all veteran players who know the game all too well but they are combining they creativity of Wolfpack with the surgical precision of Sexy Coco. How they mesh those two styles will be interesting to watch this season. This will be an epic start to the winter season. Get ready for aggressive defense and high flying pigskins into the end zone.

Players to Watch: MARV-WR #19 Joe Giumarra WR #21 Ariel Baily; The U- WR #25 Christopher Guerrero, WR #8 Lisa Maus

Octagon Field 2 12:00 PM: Tis The SZN VS OFFICIALLY BALLIN'

Scouting Report: Tis The SZN is showing off a new name but same potent squad led by reigning FNL MVP Ned Marks. Last season SZN made the playoffs but was knocked out in the 1st round. BMFL fans expect SZN to do really well this season as an early favorite to be one of two teams in the championship game. Officially Ballin’ is a fairly new team, but we’ve all seen this before. If you underestimate the newbies they will surely knock you on your ass. SZN better prepare themselves or it might be a cakewalk for OB.

Players to Watch: SZN- WR CJ Barnes, WR #34 Jamie Millward; OB- WR William Castro, WR #10 Diana Chiu


Scouting Report: What’s so great about winter season is that NO ONE has an advantage due to the cold. Currently, Officially Ballin’ and Marvelous After Dark have another disadvantage aside from the snow which is that neither team have played with their Quarterback. Both teams have to gel on offense quickly to score or their defense will need to step up in a big way. This game will be a head scratcher on who will come out on top.

Players to Watch: OB- WR Rich Nickelson, WR Elizabeth O’Leary; MARV- WR #33 Keahi Cordeiro, WR #16 Joelle Crabtree

Octagon Field 2 1:00 PM: The U VS Tis The SZN

Scouting Report: The U and SZN have several Quarterbacks on their roster so both teams should expect a ton of trick plays to get down the field. The U has a lot of players that move their hips very well to avoid tackles while SZN has a lot of players that are deceptively fast. Both teams need to be strategic and methodical when it comes to execution. One wrong hip move or overrunning the pass can change the momentum of the game.

Players to Watch: The U- WR #9 Anthony Robles, WR #10 Allison “That Girl” McCord; SZN- WR #13 Beau Richards, WR #2 Lindsay Owens