Previews by Adriana “Doctor I” DeMartino

8:00 PM RANDALLS FIELD 75 - Intentional Pounding (1-1) v. Friday Night Tights (0-1)

Scouting Report: Friday Night Tights had a limited roster last week, and weren’t able to put any points up in their first game. They will be out in full force this week, ready to show the league that Week 1 was just a warm-up. Defensively, FNT will need to keep making big fourth down stops and force turnovers if they plan to hold their own against IP’s top receiver from Week 1, Ashley “The Counselor” Foote. IP will need to have their QB game ready to take on a hungry FNT squad looking for a W, and look to the tackling skills of Alexis DeJesus and Jessi Moran.

8:00 PM RANDALLS FIELD 75 -Saturdays are for the Brews (1-0) v. Deflaggers (0-0)

Scouting Report: The Brews played with consistency and experience in Week 1, putting up 20 unanswered points, and nearly all roster players earned multiple stats. They will be looking to go 2-0 against newcomers, Deflaggers. Though new to the Badass league, Deflaggers are no stranger to winning in 5v5 competition, and were the BMFL 5v5 Spring 2018 tourney champs. Their speed and skill will make them tough to keep up with, and the Brews will need to bring their A game against this group of experienced ladies.

9:00 PM RANDALLS FIELD 75 - Deflaggers (0-0) v. The Matriarchy (1-0)

Scouting Report: **Game of the Week** The 9pm game has Deflaggers coming off their first game of the Badass league, and the Matriarchy looking to extend their winning record. Which QB will start for the Matriarchy? Last week, Lydia Agopian took control and shined, winning player of the week honors, but the word on the street is she’s out this week. Deflaggers QB Ashley Comras will be looking to dismantle the Matriarchy defense with the help of receivers, Brittany Anghel and Kat Rodriguez, but will need to get through Matriarchy’s Jamie Millward and Brie “B-Love” Corona first. This must-see matchup will be full of tenacity and grit as both teams have a chance to be on top of the leaderboard come Week 3.

Previews by Daring Deb

Unpredictable Match-ups: 
• Intentional Pounding FNL (1-0) vs Playmakers (0-0) 10:00 PM: Must watch game! Intentional Pounding is hot right now and Playmakers are infamous for being the season-busters of FNL. PM is unpredictable on the field. They’ve shown that they can blow out a team or get blown out themselves. Either way, we don’t know what to expect, but an exhilarating game is likely in the cards.

David vs Goliath Match-ups:
• Gotham Rogues FNL (0-1) vs Tone House (0-1) 9:00 PM: Gotham Rogues battled hard and just came a bit short last week. This week, it seems like they are the favorite to win. GR has all the tools to be a playoff team on offense, but defense wins championships. If GR wants to win it all, their defense needs to step it up on a consistent basis. Tone House hasn’t shown what they can do yet this season…so, as of now, GR has the upper hand in this matchup.

• We Never Punt (0-0) vs New Era (0-1) 10:00 PM: New Era was disappointed with their week one results but they are on to the next matchup. This week, they are coming up against an FNL rookie team, We Never Punt, and it’s safe to say ERA will be pulling out all the stops to get a W under their belts. As for WNP, let’s hope they are prepared to face ERA’s wrath and make a statement to the entire league by winning. Professional analysis believes an ornery New Era team will win this game.

• #MajorKey #AnotherOne (1-0) vs Brady Bunch (0-0) 10:00 PM: #MK#AO is most likely stepping into this matchup thinking they have the W in the bag, and they are not wrong for thinking that way. It’s always good to come into a matchup with confidence. Brady Bunch took last season off to revamp their roster. It remains to be seen if BB will be able to display the chemistry needed to play consistently at a high level. As of now, it is predicted that #MK#AO will come out conquering this week.

Daring Deb’s List: I Dare You to Challenge Me…FNL Power Ranking
1. Intentional Pounding FNL
2. #MajorKey #AnotherOne
3. Marvelous After Dark
4. Gotham Rogues
5. New Era
6. Playmakers
7. Brady Bunch
8. Tone House
9. We Never Punt