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Field 1 8:00 PM #1 Pink Panthers vs #4 Tune Squad

Scouting Report: Last time these two teams played each other, Pink Panthers clawed them out of the game. Panthers are the former 2 time FNL champions, but it has been a while since they had a victory taco. Tune Squad, who is fairly new to FNL, has been slowly tweaking and adjusting their offense/defense to win. This rematch won’t be an easy one for either team. The game changers for both teams will be Emman Ebosie and Frank Campbell. If they can execute and avoid interceptions/turnovers, then it will be a game to remember.

Players to Watch: PP- WR #3 Katie “Amazon” Boeck, WR #18 Travis “Downtown” Doyle; TS- WR #88 Khendra Braswell, WR #0 Kermit “The Specialist” Atkinson

Field 2 8:00 PM #2 Hurricane SNZ vs #3 A Team Has No Name

Scouting Report: These two teams had the opportunity to battle each other on the field last week and SZN drowned their opponents. This season, SZN has played well on both sides of the ball and they have a great opportunity to win it all. From time to time, there has been inconsistency with A Team Has No Name, but if they come into playoffs with the right mentality and everyone shows up that is on the roster, they can blow the competition out of the water. This will be a game of smarts and strategized football.

Players to Watch: SZN- WR #2 Lindsay Owens, QB #12 Ned “Albino Lightning” Marks; NAME- WR #21 Fernando Fiorentino, WR #2 Erica Liang


Field 3 8:00 PM #1 Decepticons vs #4 Team Entourage

Scouting Report: This game will be unpredictable. Let’s forget about seeding for a second and look at the rosters. Both teams have athletes with great football IQ on offense and defense. If both teams continue to utilize those tools, this game will be a small margin win. What is ideal for both teams is to have a elite QB play. Iceman is an all-timer but Ralph looks like the hands-down MVP this season.

Players to Watch: DCT- WR #3 Sara Childs, WR #730 George Gotay; TE- WR #23 Arielle Shinder, WR #80 VI “Deez Nutz” Wilson

Field 4 8:00 PM #2 Playmakers vs #3 Marvelous After Dark

Scouting Report: These teams are no strangers to playoffs but neither team has ever made it to the championship game. Both teams battled well throughout the regular season, but the question becomes- who wants it more? Playmakers were riding high throughout the entire season until their last game where it seemed like they lost sight of their main goal. If PM comes into playoffs with that mentality, Marvelous After Dark will take the opportunity to swoop in and move on to round 2.

Players to Watch: PM- WR # 34 Marisa Dunigan, WR #10 Justin Gaffney; QB/WR #33 Keahi Cordeiro, WR #17 Aisling “Shling” Smith