Most Threatening Teams:
· Intentional Pounding FNL (4-0):
 UNDEFEATED should be attached to the IP name. This rookie team has taken FNL by storm and they have no plans on simmering down. IP will battle it out with a veteran team (Playmakers) that has made it all the way to the championship game in previous FNL seasons. It seems like IP has figured out the recipe to be successful and they shouldn’t tamper with it. If IP stays consistent, they can make it all the way to the ‘chip but… one game at a time.

· #MajorKey#AnotherOne (2-2): Is on #AnotherLevel after they destroyed last season’s champs. FNL fans predict they will win out the rest of the season if they keep this game plan. What’s noticeable about this team is that when every player is there and healthy, they are unstoppable. When players are not at full strength or missing, it’s a guessing game how well #MK#AO can produce. Rumor has it General Manager #23 LeRon “Stats” Barrino will be missing this game, so what does that mean for #MK#AO? 

· Marvelous After Dark (3-1): Had a double header last week and came up 50/50. MARV fought hard and will continue doing so this week as they again compete in another doubleheader. They will be facing More Life and Tone House. If MARV sticks to the solid football they’ve played earlier this season, they have a good chance of satisfying FNL fans this week. Endurance could be an issue for MARV at some point throughout the night. Let’s see if they come in well-rested and ready to compete at a fast and furious pace for the duration of both games

Teams that are TBD:
· Gotham Rogues FNL (3-2) & Pink Panthers FNL (3-2):
 This game means everything to both teams. Since GR and PP are in the same division with the same record, they will be fighting for the last seed to make playoffs. Who will come out triumphant? Will it be the underdogs/rookie team that has been establishing a name for themselves in FNL, or will it be the 4-Time Taco Bowl Champs? This game will come down to QB execution on every drive and defense hoping to cause a turnover/pick.

· Jack Rabbits (2-1) & More Life (1-1-1): Battle of the standings in the full hearts division. Both teams are currently in position to make playoffs but if ML defeats JR, they will take on the number 1 spot in the standings. This one shapes up to be a physical battle with a grind-it-out style type of game. Both teams have exciting veteran players with plenty of big-play potential. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy what could be the game of the week.

· Playmakers (1-2-1): Currently, PM isn’t in playoff standings which is unusual for this team. PM needs to win out to seal their own fate for playoffs. This week they’ll face Intentional Pounding which is no easy task, but what’s great about PM is that they don’t let any team record perturb them on the field. In this particular game PM defense needs to step up causing sacks/picks/turnovers to grab a W.

Teams that need a Plan B:
· Decepticons FNL (0-5):
 This is DEC last game of the season and it’s all or nothing. DEC would love to wrap up the season with a W. Last 2 games DEC only lost by 3-4 points which means they gave Jack Rabbits and Intentional Pounding a hell of a fight and it will be the same when they go head to head with #MajorKey#AnotherOne. This will be an exhilarating/entertaining game to watch because you will witness shit talking to sheer raw talent on the field. 

· Tone House (0-3): Is developing into a solid team by executing on offense and stopping plays on defense. This will be TH’s last game of the season so the next step for TH is to have organized plays on offense. If TH executes its game plan and stays organized there’s a good chance they will score on Marvelous After Dark more than once.

Daring Deb’s List: I Dare You to Challenge Me…
FNL Power Rankings

1. Intentional Pounding FNL
2. JackRabbit
3. Marvelous After Dark
4. #MajorKey #AnotherOne
5. Pink Panthers FNL
6. More Life
7. Gotham Rogues
8. Playmakers
9. Decepticons FNL
10. Tone House