*The BMFL Fall All-Star Classic will include players from all four leagues (Heavyweight, Bantamweight, FNL and MNF divided up into different teams to faceoff for All-Star Glory! The players were selected based on the same criteria we've always applied. The game will be held Sunday, May 21st @10am on Firefighters Field Roosevelt Island. If you cannot attend this great event, please email the league (info@bmflfootball.com) ASAP so we can get your spot filled by the next alternate!*  

How do I get in?

Qualifying Process

The All-Star teams are selected by looking at the proportionate number of males and females in each of the major offensive categories and the top male and top female player in each major defensive category. The criteria applies to both the SUNDAY ELITE: HEAVYWEIGHT league FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS i.e; the top 5 males in receptions in the EASTERN Conference and WESTERN Conference will both make the ALL-STAR CLASSIC, while the SUNDAY ELITE: BANTAMWEIGHT division is considered one conference as a whole. The criteria is based on regular season stats only. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Top 5 males/Top 3 females in receptions

  • Top 5 males/Top 3 females in touchdown receptions

  • Top 2 males/Top female in touchdown passes

  • Top male/female in interceptions

  • Top male/female in sacks

The categories are tallied beginning with defensive interceptions, then sacks, then receptions, then touchdowns, and finally touchdown passes. For example, if a player were to be in the top five in both interceptions and touchdown catches, that player would make the All-Star team for interceptions only. They would not be eligible to make the team based upon touchdown receptions, so the next player on the list in that category will take the spot instead, and so on through each successive category. In the event of a tie, all players tied for that spot will make the team. The minimums to qualify for each category are as follows: 12 receptions, 2 touchdown receptions, 10 touchdown passes, 2 interceptions, 3 sacks.


Finally, any remaining open roster spots (if any) will be selected by the Commissioner, Big Mike. The Commissioner spends a stunning (and probably unhealthy) amount of time watching every game tape from every week of the season and will select the final spots based upon merit. If you feel you deserve one of these coveted Commissioner’s All-Star invitations, email us at info@bmflfootball.com to state your case!  


Bonawyn Eison Receptions Chiefs
Will Cuellar Receptions/TDs TD Remix/Marvelous After Dark
Anthony Velazquez Receptions/TDs/TDPs End Zone Assassins/Raiders/Wolfpack
Anthony Robles Receptions TD Remix/Wolfpack
Aaron Stewart Receptions/TDs Marvelous/Untouchables
Ketan Patel Receptions/TDs Harper's Heroes/Speed Demons
Ned Marks Receptions/TDs/Picks Sexy Coco/Speed Demons/Shut Up Drew Brees
James Rucker Receptions/TDs Cash Me Ousside
Phil Reece, Jr. Receptions Squeeze It
Jeff Mizen Receptions Sexy Coco
Chris Matta TDs/Sacks Pink Panthers/Bantam Phantoms
Jason Glazer TDs That Side Team
Jevon Menendez TDs End Zone Assassins
Andy Wachter TDs Pink Panthers
Jay Martin TDs End Zone Assassins
Seth Green TDs Harper's Heroes
Fernando Fiorentino TDs Cash Me Ousside
B. Villu Womack TDs Rico's Bombers
Will Hayes TDs/Receptions Rico's Bombers/Mud Dogs
Cameron McDonald TDs MonStars
PJ Linen TDPs Pink Panthers
Luis Acevedo TDPs/Receptions/TDs End Zone Assassins/Wolfpack
Frank Campbell TDPs Marvelous
Tyler McGuire TDPs Sexy Coco/Shut Up Drew Brees
Pete Zweig TDPs Cash Me Ousside
Emman Ebosie TDPs MonStars
Dean Emma TDPs Squeeze It
Alvin Grimes Picks Squeeze It
Tony Knight Picks That Side Team
Lee Karchawer Sacks/Receptions/TDs Air Mail/Yeezy Taught Me
Travis Doyle Sacks/TDPs Pink Panthers/White Walkers
Musah Ousman Receptions/TDs No Flexing In My Endzone
Mario Perez Receptions Los Gringos Locos/Case of the Lunes
Raul Tobar Receptions O-Town
Andy Park Receptions O-Town
Mark Stallings Receptions/TDs WTF
Nate Maaske TDs Bantam Phantoms
Ricky Dorreliand TDs Cobra Kai
James Archer TDs No Flexing In My Endzone
Jesse Edelman TDs Untouchables
Andre Milton TDs #Majorkey
Tim Klein TDPs Untouchables
Leron Barrino TDPs/Sacks/TDs #Majorkey/Pink Panthers/Shut Up Drew Brees
Joe Villanueva Picks Cobra Kai
Andy Lopez Receptions/TDs UOENO
Andy Bui Receptions/TDs Playmakers
Mike Weiss Receptions/TDs BeezNutz
Brad Tucker Receptions/TDs Pink Panthers
Matt Leon TDs Blue Ballers/Black Mambas II
Jadet Foreman TDs Raiders
Mark Ocasio TDs Playmakers
Jesse Schulman TDs Pink Panthers
Laron Blake TDs Playmakers
John Jerman TDs Speed Demons
Ryan Barnes TDPs Speed Demons
Patrick Jaraique TDPs Playmakers
Jamie Uprichard Receptions/TDs Shut Up Drew Brees
Chris Marrone Receptions/TDs Mud Dogs
Joe Lacorte TDs Mud Dogs
Kevin Frame TDs Case of the Lunes
Zay Clarke TDs Black Mambas II
Zak Clarke TDs Black Mambas II
George Sitaras TDs Bleacher Creatures
Jude Jackson Sacks Mud Dogs
Ariel Baily Receptions/TDs Marvelous
Megan Willams Receptions/TDs Pink Panthers
Liz Terezo Receptions/TDs TD Remix/Raiders/Wolfpack
Diana Berkovits Receptions/TDs/TDPs Sexy Coco/BeezNutz/Shut Up Drew Brees
Lauren Cooper Receptions/TDs Air Mail/No Flexing In My Endzone/The Franciscos
Jamie Biddle Receptions/TDs Sexy Coco/UOENO/Shut Up Drew Brees
Stephanie Kwok TDs Pink Panthers
Katie Donahue TDs/Picks/Rec Pink Panthers/First Down (with the Patriarchy)/Wolfpack
Jennifer Kraham TDs Marvelous
Julianne Helinek TDs End Zone Assassins
Burgandy McCurty TDs MonStars
Mel Rubia TDs/Picks Cash Me Ousside/First Down (with the Patriarchy)
Sabrina Tran TDs Squeeze It
Belinda Hester TDs Squeeze It
Nicole Chaplin TDPs Air Mail/First Down (with the Patriarchy)
Lisa Nouri TDPs That Side Team
Lindsay Kent Picks/Receptions/TDs Harper's Heroes/Speed Demons/Shut Up Drew Brees
Ashley Morrissey Picks Marvelous
Illiana Blackshear Sacks MonStars/Speed Demons
Adriana Demartino Sacks Marvelous/Wolfpack
Alexa Goldman Receptions Yeezy Taught Me
Angie Boutin Receptions #Majorkey
Irene Truong Receptions Untouchables
Angelica Young TDs Cobra Kai
Jessi Moran TDs #Majorkey
Grace Ma TDs WTF
Terri Archer TDs Little Banana Slugs
Jolene Lalas Sacks Cobra Kai
Allison McCord TDs Blue Ballers
Aisling Smith TDs Marvelous After Dark
Michelle Pelan TDs Pink Panthers
Narae Kang Picks Playmakers
Jennifer Kraham Receptions/TDs Black Mambas II
Sydney Harris Receptions/TDs Case of the Lunes
Brie Corona-Galo TDs Shut Up Drew Brees
Sara Firestone TDs Shut Up Drew Brees
Jamie Millward TDs Case of the Lunes
Jenny Hamann TDs Black Mambas II
Megan Rau Picks Mud Dogs
Vince Mason Commissioner's Selection Air Mail
Katie Lindberg Commissioner's Selection Pink Panthers
Shahid Wilson Commissioner's Selection Sexy Coco
Simone Rodriguez Commissioner's Selection Cash Me Ousside
Matt Sprout Commissioner's Selection Harper's Heroes
Julie Jefferson Commissioner's Selection Harper's Heroes
VI Wilson Commissioner's Selection Sexy Coco
Debora Chan Commissioner's Selection Squeeze It
Chris Maurer Commissioner's Selection Marvelous
Joey Santiago Commissioner's Selection TD Remix
Nicole Lopez Commissioner's Selection Rico's Bombers
Christiana Baldeschi Balleani Commissioner's Selection UOENO
Megan Colwell Commissioner's Selection Mud Dogs
John Ibarra Commissioner's Selection Mud Dogs
Kendu Campbell Commissioner's Selection Shut Up Drew Brees




Tyler McGuire