Resident artist (still waiting on my portrait, please and thank you) and all around badass, Angie “The Shark” Boutin is coming off the greatest individual season of her life. One which saw her nominated for awards in every league she played in due to her sensational, improved play. As one of the original BMFL players from our inaugural season, I must admit it's been personally gratifying for everyone to take notice of “The Shark’s” incredible growth over the past year. The reigning Bantamweight Female Offensive Player of the Year took a few minutes to talk to us this week and food was on the brain...


(BM) What do you do for work during the week? (AB) Graphic Designer. Currently working in book publishing world


(BM) Who do you root for on fall Sundays? (AB) JETS lover and Patriots HATER ALL.YEAR.LONG!!


(BM) What significance does your jersey # have? (AB) #13 - Matches my personality. Good balance of soft and aggressive

(BM) What are you passionate about outside of football? (AB) Art and Steak


(BM) How long have you been playing this crazy game of ours? (AB) about 7 years and will keep playing ‘til I can’t anymore. BMFL senior citizen league maybe? I’ll work on my walker spin moves

(BM) Which pro athlete inspires you? (AB) Ray Lewis on defense. Never know what the hell he was talking about but it motivates me and he never gave up on a play. Lebron as an all around player. Keeps getting better and smarter every year.

10 Random Questions with "THE SHARK" 


1.) Cheesecake, cookie cake or birthday cake? Gotta go with cheesecake...with birthday candles on top...and a cookie crust...yep

2.) Would you rather be, Oprah or Ellen? Who doesn’t want Oprah money!?!


3.) Best rapper alive? J Cole

4.) Are you a Mac or PC type of girl? Mac. PC if I want to get aggravated before a game. Why are PCs so freaking complicated?!?!


5.) Best hour of the day?  Whichever hour when I’m eating


6.) Jackson 5 or Jonas Bros.? Motown all day long!


7.)Tito or Jermaine? Tito! Both of them boys are greasy as hell, lol!


8.) How soon is too soon to say “I love you”? Always too soon #shewascoldasice

9.) What's the perfect amount of time to watch TV? 8-10 hrs...time it takes to finish binge watching an entire season.

10.) Mario or Luigi? Mario. Luigi always got living your entire life playing with the broken 2nd controller on your NES.