Friday Night Lights Weekly Matchup Preview is brought to you by: Back In The Game Therapy, P.C. "Because it takes more than will to conquer the games of life."



11:00 AM Field 1 - #4 Little Lebowski (0-1) vs. #6 LIC Coyotes (0-1)

Scouting Report: Neither of these veteran squads want to start 0-2. The return of QB Derek Peith for the Coyotes will be a huge boost but he’ll be harassed all day by star PR Ryan Wirth. Lebowski isn’t the type of team to panic and it’s not like they played poorly last week, but Coyotes have the size and attitude to challenge everything. Turnovers are the name of the game here; whoever can limit them will walk away victorious.

Players to Watch: LEB- WR #10 K. Patel, WR #8 Lisa “Mighty” Maus; LIC- WR #41 Jeff “The Mountie” Mizen, WR #24 Tami Erdfarb

11:00 AM Field 2 - #1 Blue Ballers (1-0) vs. #2 Marvelous (1-0)

Scouting Report: **GAME OF THE WEEK** After dismantling preseason #1 Crimson Tide 49-6 last week, the Blue Ballers have never looked better and still have top players yet to make their season debut. Captain Matt Leon has put together a true squad of Warriors. Win this week, and FNL will have a new villain wearing navy blue and white. Lose, and they’ll face the same disappointment that has plagued them for a year. Marvelous will be up to the task, though. The superheroes with the 6-pack sweaters also look more potent and complete than ever. Big plays will determine the victor. Whoever can hit on more of them emerges as the unquestioned #1.

Players to Watch: BB- WR #1 Michele “Slammin’” Mammen, QB #16 Ace “Rocket” Ismail; MARV- PR #8 Adriana “Doctor I” DeMartino, WR/QB #23 Jenn “Golden” Kraham

12:00 PM Field 1 - #3 TMNT (1-0) vs. #5 Crimson Tide (0-1)

Scouting Report: The Center Stage matchup this week features a “Show Me” game. TMNT got a nice opening weekend win but this game will “Show Me” if they’re really ready for prime time. The Tide got steamrolled by the Ballers last weekend and need to “Show Me” if that’s their new norm or just a one-week malfunction. This game has elements of a grudge match written all over it with Tide WR Brie Corona publicly vowing to impose her will on TMNT MLB Big Mike Lynche. And The Commish in return promising that tolls must be paid for coming across his middle. With two legendary BMFL QBs facing off in Joey “San Man” Santiago and Tyler “Iceman” McGuire, the pass rushers will play an extremely important role. Whoever has the biggest day between TMNT PR Jason Glazer and Tide PR Omair Siddiqui will decide this one.

Players to Watch: TMNT- WR #10 Seema Rao, WR #9 Anthony Robles; CT- WR #2 Kat “Vicious Little” Lam, WR #80 VI Wilson